USSD Code List For Idea Cellular'S Subscriber

Idea Cellular's new chairman is Mr. Himanshu Kapania and Mr. Marten Pieters as a Vice-chirman.idea is a very big company and over 13 million people using idea and continually on the way upswing. in the case idea has a very much growth in the short period of time.

Now let me talk about USSD code list. i have some USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code list of idea cellular for mobile operator. write down this list of USSD code list to your note or save this web page. here given all the information about USSD idea cellular code list. 

USSD means toll free access. to know more about APN setting go to here at APN setting of Mobile Operator

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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code list for idea user or subscriber :-

(1) Balance inquiry :- *123#, *212#, *130#
(2) Idea service :- *147#
(3) To know your idea number :- *100#
(4) for SMS balance :- *451#
(5) check mobile number :- *789# or *100# ( For Karnataka )
(6) idea menu :- *100#
(7) Activated service for idea 3G :- ACT 3G To 12345
(8) Activated service for idea Live tv :- 3GTV To 54777
(9) Activated service for idea GPRS :- FRESH To 4666
(10) deactivated service for idea Cricket :- UNSUB ONDCKTPOR To 55456

Warning :- All codes are working. if some code are not work then you are from some another state or code may be updated.

Now some another USSD code for "kerala" state :-

(11) to know balance :- *121# and *123#
(12) Idea Voucher :- *131*<10 digit mobile num>*<12 digit voucher num># or *457*<12 digit voucher>#
(13) Activate different packs :- *555#
(14) Activate missed :- *333*5#
(15) idea gprs 3g and 2g balance :- *125#
(16) coller tune activate :- *129#
(17) Current GPRS plan deactivation status :- *800*25#
Important news :- if you have more idea USSD code , comment here.


  1. *43# => Activate call waiting
    *111# => Menu to activate various packs.
    *121# => Know balance
    *123# => For knowing balance amount
    *125# => Idea GPRS data balance (both 3G and 2G)
    *129# => Menu for dialer tone activation, song selection,song search.
    *131*<10 digit mobile num>*<12 digit voucher num># =>To recharge another number
    from your mobile using a voucher

    *147# => Idea self care-Idea menu for information about plans,offers etc
    *150*# => For 3G and 2G data plan activation
    *150*773# => 20 MB loan, Rs 6.9 deducted from next recharge.
    *165*5# =>Idea 5rs loan
    *165*30# => make local idea calls at 40ps for Rs 2/day
    *165*69# =>Make gulf calls at Rs.6.99 for Rs 5/day
    *165*57# =>Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (5am- 7am)
    *165*79# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (7am- 9am)
    *165*911# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (9am- 11am)
    *165*111# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (11am- 1pm)
    *165*13# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (1pm- 3pm)
    *165*35# => Idea call @ 20p -Rs 2 from (3pm- 5pm)
    *167*1# => To view free benefits
    *167*3# => To view usage benefits
    *167*4# => To view loan benefits
    *222# => menu to activate different packs in malayalam,hindi etc
    *300# => menu for different packs.
    *333*5# => Activate missed call alert @7rs/week
    *325# => To login into facebook
    *400# => Idea my cash by axis bank.
    *444# => To know balance and validity of SIM
    *456# => menu to activate eg.funny shayari@Rs 15 for 30days etc etc, and other various packs.
    *457*<12 digit voucher># =>To recharge your number using voucher
    *505# =>Dialer tone, easy tone, switch off easy tone.
    *555# => Menu to activate different packs.
    *777# => subscribe to daily cricket pack @ Rs 5/ match day. To confirm press 1.
    *789# => To know your mobile number and date of activation of your connection
    *800# => Idea GPRS 2G plan activation menu.
    *800*# => GPRS plan activation, deducted from your account.
    *800*08# =>activate 20 mins unlimited 3G plan
    *800*25# => Current GPRS plan deactivation.
    *888# => Menu for Dialer Tone and song select.
    *999# => Menu to subscribe to various packs like Radio mango etc.
    *999*5#=>listen to unlimited love songs from 7pm to 7am @ Rs3/day

    1. is there any code for sms credit..??

  2. Is their any USSD code for C-topup retailers

  3. *800*88# = for 200mb for free

  4. dial *123# and select account info option.and when it shows account info then your mobile no is shown

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  13. I use Idea 43 rupees pack for 10np I2I, I deleted that msg. what is the code to know its validity(rate plan validity)?