How To Blog ?

Make online money using a blog, just need to understand that how to blog ? and what is blogging ? so in this article, i will introduce some tips which need a before create a blog and some ways about how to create a blog ?

Before know about how to blog ? you need to know some common step which you aware about it but you are not consistent on it.

How to Blog : Step 1 :- Don't create a blog if you do not  have interest because up to now no one success in the field of blog which created without interest or passion so create a blog with your interest.

How To Blog : Step 2 :- Do not create a blog, specially for money because to success in blogger need so much time with deeply interest. most of time, i seen some people who create a website/blog and after some 2-3 months they bored and close their work. of course, all bloggers are create a blog for money purpose but my mean is that you will success with your interest and get money also but with out interest how will you success ? because it's need a so much time to success in a blog.

How To Blog : Step 3 :- Do Not Choose a Title of Blog Which You Do Not Have Interest because you need to write a at least 500 words on each blog/article and need more article on your blog (may be 500 article/blog).

How To Blog : Step 4 :- Do Not Spam Any Way.

How To Blog : Step 5 :- Do Not Still Content of Others because than Google will consider you as a spammer. this is not way of successful blogger.

How To Blog ?

Here i will gives step by step method to create a blog and which things need to improve your blog too so i will give one video to understand "how to blog" and some common step which you have to read blog to know blogging.

How To Blog :- Step 1 :- Open a blogger using gmail e-mail id and password. go to new blog and select title for blog.

How To Blog : Step 2 :- Choose a Domain Name for your Blog. ex.

What is domain ? domain is one type of address address where visitors or readers come to read your blog so choose a effective and best domain according to your blog. Select the best domain related to blog topic or content like if you are write a blog on technology than select domain name related to technology. ex. Use less key word in domain name. do not select big name of domain like "nanotechnologyandbiotechno".

How To Blog : Step 3 :- Select proper theme according your content. if your theme attract to reader than they will go to read your article.

How To Blog : Step 4 :- Start Blogging.

How To Blog : Step 5 :- write a blog and publish it.

Now you need to understand function bloggers so your blog will look nice and need to provide your blog to search engine so know at Function of Blogger.

For More Understand Go for below video tutorial :-


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