Download Facebook Photo Album of Your Friend

As you know that i already write many articles on Facebook tricks and tips like remove/disable Facebook timeline from your account, Facebook emoticon code list, text symbol of Facebook,  send a free SMS from Facebook and etc many more . to day i post one more Facebook tricks which helps you download Facebook photo album of your friends.

it's very difficult to download manually each and every photo which we like or sometimes if matter with whole album or some collection of photo than it will take some time so this tricks will help you download many albums within some few minutes, just following this tricks.

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How To Download Photo Album of Facebook ?

Step 1 :- Common step, login to your Facebook account

Step 2 :- Go to at Download Facebook Photo Album

Step 3 :-  After go their, go to login function of Facebook. see below image.

Step 4 :- Select a friend from list of Facebook friend for download his collection of all photo album.

Step 5 :- Select all album in order to download all image of Facebook.

Step 6 :- Download it  in your safe drive.

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