Want To Start a Blog ? Make Blogging As Successful Career / Business

Of course. Blogging changed most of people life and you can change also your life, just doing blogging so to do blog what is the exact procedure ?

Many of difficulties are there before start a blog. some of people just heard about blogging but do not know that how to do blog ? many of know but they do not have time to do blog because they are doing job or going to school / collage so in this situation how to get knowledge to do blog and how to success in blogging ? i got many problems from friends. he want to start blog but family members do not allow to do blog so to we will solve this all problem and will learn how to do blog with part time.

If you are medical student, engineer student, job worker, family members not allowed to do work and doing another work than you can also do the "Blogging" with some tricks so to day before i will give tricks to do blogging, i will give some tricks which help you to do blogging with some other work so no need to leave your work and earn money from home only.

What Are Skills Are Needed To Start a Blog ?

Before we talk about skills i have to mention that no body born with skills. who lives in earth they must learn some skills so if you do not have skills than do hard work and learn it because many of successful blogger do not have skills to do blog but still they success in blog marketing field so do hard work which is key to success.

(1) Need a Patient :- Every body have question that "what type of patient ?". if you learn blogging specially money purpose then forget to success because still no one reach at pick level with this aim but many are success who do blogging with interest and patient and they earn lots of money and still they are earning so keep this word in mind "Patient" because to do blogging need to understand a lots. read another's blog, it's very easy but create a blog which is hard task for who just started a blog. if it will routine than it's easy for you.

Before Start a Blog ::- What Are Steps Busy Men Must Have To Take To Do Blog ?

(1) Target one goal and do hard work up on goal to success.

(2) Now you have goal to know first what is blog ? so lets read another's blog which give information about blogging but read as much as you can because reading will help you to success in blogging.

(3) Write down one list of top blogger and read their stories in about us because this will encourage you more and more. you will know many of started a blog with part time job and left their job after they earn lots of money. in that some of bloggers quite their job in order to success in blogging so choose any way to success which suitable to you.

(4) Read as much as you can because more information helps to write more.

(5) Understand more because if you can not write then you do not understand. what ever you write that much you understood. reading is important as much as understanding too. if you do not understand more than you can not write more.

Note :-
Information is not your experience. unless you can not apply your information as your experience then it's worst.as a example :- you tool information on blogging and you can not do blogging than do not feed bad because you need to just more information and try again. you will success so do not boar with this work because to success in blogging, it will take some time like 6 month, 8 month, 1 year, 18 month etc. this depend on your work so take remember that "More Handwork Need Less Time To Success In Blogging".

When You Start a Blog Than Follow Some Tips And Tricks To Success With Part Time Blog

(1) Pick one right time :- why this needed ? this is need not only for you do not have time but this will help you to make more readers and reduce Alexa rank so take one time.

How we choose perfect time ? it's very simple question but need to know is necessary.

For more busy men :- Publish you article / blog repetitively 3-4 days means do it regularly post after 4 days.

For Less Busy Men :- 2-3 days one post.

Free men :- per day 3 / 4 / 6 post for success in less time.

Make sure your blog post must be 700-800 words par article. in actually case Google search engine need 500 words par blog / article but you are not publish post daily then it will good if you have some post in more words.

(2) Who just started a blog and do not have more information which Google search engine have more traffic than take time, read more and more blog and article but remember do not spam like do not copy another's blog because Google do not like and search engine consider as theft.

if you do not have more time to take information which you do not have than create a blog which have more information and to know deeply in that topic, you will not need more time to understand that new information.

Remember That :- Do Not Choose Blog Topic In Which You Do Not Have Interest 

How To Start Step By Step Blog And What To Need To Start a Blog ?

(1) WordPress, hub pages, blogger, jumble etc many more website in which you can start a blog but before choose any website do not forget to read reviews. as my opinion who started a blog that people always choose "blogger" because it's very easy and Google product. other website like word press is very good but very hard to use so fresher start a blog in blogger.

(2) To start a blog in blogger, you need to get all information about blogger website and how to do blog in blogger and rest all information so read my another article that "Easiest Way To Create a Blog In Google Blogger". in that you will get all blogger function details and how to use that function. Read Also :- How To Blog ?

(3) Now you publish one article / blog using blogger so to reach that article to maximum people need to understand seo which will help to get more traffic to your blog.

(4) Now you created a blog and using SEO, you are getting lots of traffic so using this blog how any one can make money ? of course your blog make money but for that you need Google adsence account which is product of Google. this Google adsence gives opportunity to make money online using blog. to activate Google adsence account read :- Faster Tips To Approve Google Adsence Accounts


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