How To Exactly Match Website With Google Adsence Policy Before Apply Google Adsence Accounts

If you match your blog / website with google adsence policy than no one can prevent to get google adsence. google have it's own rule. by avoiding google term and condition nothing will came on your hand. you have to follow all instruction which google gives you to follow for webmaster so today let's we discuss about what things google adsence need with your website / blog ?

If we can say briefly than do not spam and be original. our all discussion will cover on those two keywords : "Do Not Spam" And "Be Original" but which things google hate from website and which things help you to get google adsence account ? this both things are so much necessary to know.

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(1) if you want to create website / blog than you mostly go for blogger because blogger is easy to use for fresher. blogger is google product so it will also best things to use blogger.

(2) Website should be 6 month old. this is apply for china and India  sometimes happen with only 3 days old website, google give approve for google adsence but that days are old. many of getting google adsence with no effort and still many are getting but that happens on rare case so you have to understand all google TOS.

If you are from other country accept india and china than google adsence easy to get but if any one do spam in order to get google adsence than no one can help you to approve google adsence application.

                                Why need 6 month old domain for apply google adsence ?

It's because of this reason, google will not feel you as spammer with old domain. generally , spammer done his activity will new registered domain. no spammer can wait 6 month to do spam. and google also want some 100+ article with old 6 month domain. article'e keyword length is 500+ words so this way google not find your domain in the list of spam so that's way google demand 6 months old domain.

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(3) Website should have google number of traffic. ya surely website have some traffic but not from adult website / blog. if blog have mostly traffic from search engine than it is better and good. other referral traffic will also consider but search engine traffic remarks more.

                      How much exactly google adsence need traffic when apply for application ?

There is not fix traffic rate but if you have 100+ post which keyword length is 500+ than you have some amount traffic which is enough for apply application of google adsence.

(4) If you are use free theme of website than it's ok but try to use less loaded theme which take very short period of time to load your website so it will also help you. mostly purchased theme is good so search engine feel you are serious about blogging and you are not spammer.

(5) As you know that content is king which play big role in that all terms and condition. google loves originality.

(6) When you make post that time try to use permalink to make URL short. in that permalink try to target some keyword which you mostly use in content and title. permalink maximum with 30 character. if we say from dash side than use 4 keyword /  4 dash.

(7) Sing up With google's authorship which shows your photo with blog.

(8) Write about us page and make sure you given in that your full details like e-mail id and full name etc. which verify your authorship too.

(9) Add social networking sharing button because it will crawls social profile also when it check all details so sing up with all social network with same e-mail id.

(10) Use proper meta tags, meta title and meta description.

(11) Try to get more backlinks of website using social bookmarking sites, directory submission, article submission etc. backlinks more than 16+ from genuine website.

(12) Side listed in Dmoz category than it's golden things if not listed than do not worry about this matter.

(13) Add site to search engine like google, yahoo and bing etc.

(14) Add website in feed burner which shows fresh content.

(15) Most important :- register Top Level Domain (Need to 6 month old domain)

(16) Use proper tags and do internal linking with website.

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