How To Restore Files From Backup In Windows 7 || 8 ? And Some Tips For Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are very useful things. we can do any action via one click. when we talk about notepad than it's very lengthy procedure to do any short work or store any small information. to perform short work Sticky Notes is the best way but many of lost many important things. even i am one of the them so i decide to write one article to take backup and restore of Sticky Notes.

Create The Sticky Notes

It's very easy to create Sticky Notes. go to start menu and select the program in which find out the Accessories. in accessories, you will get sticky notes.  OR  Go to start Find out "stikynot" in search bar and hit the enter.

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How To Take Backup of Sticky Notes ?

Step 1 :- Open file explorer (windows 8) and windows explorer (windows 7). copy and paste the below mansion path and press enter it.

Path :- %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes

 C:\Users\[User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\StickyNotes.snt

Step 2 :- After entering in backup place, you will find out one file which name is "StickyNotes.snt". this is your backup file. copy it at safety place of hard drive.

Shortcut Keys of Sticky Notes 

Shortcut Keys
Ctrl + 5
1.5 Line Space
Ctrl + U
Underline Fn
Ctrl + Shift + <
Decrease Text Size
Ctrl + Shift + >
Increase Text Size
Ctrl + R
Right Align
Ctrl + B
Bold Text
Ctrl  + I
Ctrl + Shift + L
Ctrl + T
Ctrl + Shift + A
Highlight Text
Ctrl + 1
Single Line Space
Ctrl  + 2
Double Line Space
Ctrl + E
Center Align
Ctrl + L
Left Align
Ctrl + U

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How To Restore Backup Sticky Notes ?

To restore sticky notes than follow the same instruction using  Path :- %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes and put the backup file there.

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How To Change Color of Sticky Notes ?

Go one one sticky note and do the right click. there are seven color like blue, green, pink, purple, white and yellow. you can select any one to change the sticky notes color.


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