How To Apply PAN Card Offline By Submitting Applications At Local PAN Office ?

This is the old way which mostly people was used for apply PAN Card by filling physical Document. attach the required document with physical copy and submit the PAN card application at nearest PAN office.

How To Apply PAN Card Offline ?

Step 1 :- Make sure you have all document for PAN Card application. you will need ID proof of password size photocopy and address proof. in address proof, you can ue voter card, passport, electric bill, telephone bill etc.

Step 2 :- For offline application, you will need one form to fill PAN application so download The PAN Application at Click Here.

Step 3 :-
After download that application. you have to print it to make physical copy.
Note :- Use Black pen to fill the PAN Application form because Blue pen is not allowed.

Step 4 :- Do not miss this to read all instruction before fill the form at Read It In English / Read It In Hindi.

Step 5 :- Affix your photograph and sing in the box available below the photograph.

Step 6 :- Attach address proof and ID proof.

Step 7 :- Now go to the nearest PAN office and submit the PAN card application. if you do not have more time than do your work to any agent/broker but they will take some extra charge for your work.

Step 8 :- Your PAN Card will be at your doorstep via courier with 15-30 days.


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