Article Submission Services Tips And Tricks For SEO [Build Backlinks]

Till now we finish one part of discussion about article submission. today we will discuss more about it so those who did not read previous post they can read via below link.

Why Reject Your Killer Article ?

Mostly person done totally effort when they tries to do somethings new in article. when they want to write totally unique article. of course, many of done hard work to build killer article but still your article reject. How ? What Are Mistakes In Your Article ? there are many reasons to reject your article.

Mistakes 1 :-

Many article directories want keyword density. if you have not maintain some keyword density than unique article can reject also. some article directories say that maintain 1.5% keyword density, 2 % kw, 3% keyword density. this all depends on article directions so better to get all information before submit article.

Mistakes 2 :-

Do not promote your business in the article body. this is bad behavior to promote your business when you specially select high directory to submit your article. let this save for author bio. you have to write business description  in the author bio at the bottom of article post.

Mistakes 3 :-

People add five backlinks into article body. this way no body approve your article because mostly article directory allow only 2-3 backlinks maximum.

Ya 2-3 backlinks but those 2-3 backlinks are in the author bio. only rare article directory allows to build backlinks in the article body so better to read article guidelines.

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Is Article Submission Is The Waste of Time ?

Do not think this is waste of time. this submissions are more beneficial if you have to take advantages from article submissions. blogger things that only 4-5 article submission is enough. only 4-5 article submission is like you did not done anything till now.

There is not exact figure to do it but more you do than more benefits to you. many people do hundred of article submissions in the 40-50 days. every things will depend on you. if you are not doing article submission than do it. it's the good but if you are doing than increase the article submission. it's the better.

Article Submission Is More Beneficial IF . . .

Your blog have particle one niche that it will give more benefits with little effort. your inner page will more stronger. IF you do not have one niche than it still help you but it will need more hard work. you have to do   more submissions on each and every niche.

Some Sites Scrape Your Content

Before choose any directory, get details about that many sites scrape your original content and reprint to other site. this is done for bad sites so better to choose valuable sites to submit article.

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One Best  Article Directories To Submit Article

Ezinearticle the best directories to submit original content. it is the Google's favorite directories. once you approve in ezinearticle than surely google will give more value to your site but hard to approve article in this article. before to article submission, read all rules and regulation of this directories.

squidoo, hubpages and goarticle, this three article is also best and very best but ezinearticle is one of the best and powerful article. google love ezinearticle. remember that "only one and two article submission is not enough".

Your Article Will Not Remarks By Readers IF . . .

With full of google unique article will not give more priority if article title is not catchy. write attractive title to attract readers. sometimes bad article get more views with attractive title but once people cone to your blog with attractive title. they will not come again because article do not have sufficient good information. need the attractive title with unique good information.

More Mistakes Down The Credit of Your Article In The Eyes of Readers

Which type of mistakes ? grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. do not do this by mistakes also. this will harm of reputation of your websites. many article directives reject your submission with this simple mistakes. when we take about specially ezinearticle than it will never approve with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. mostly directory is edit your article manually so with full of mistakes article will never approve.

Build Powerful Backlinks From Article Submission

IF you follow properly above statement than you surely win this race. article directory submission is the best way to do internet marketing of your business. it will give one way powerful backlinks. article is more crawl by search engine so do for better results directory submissions.

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