How To Automatically Post Blog Update To Twitter Social Network ?

Twitter is another powerful social network like facebook so this is best tool to boost your blog traffic but every day you have to post each and every URL with URL shorten method. it's like time consuming and boring work. blogger do not have more time so now use automatically post tool which post your every update directly to your twitter account. if you do not have twitter account than you have to create using

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Automatically Post Blogger's Blog Posts To Twitter

Step 1 :- Login to

Step 2 :- Select the any blog which you want to do automatically post.

Step 3 :- After selection, find out Publicize and select Socialize. in that you have to press Add Twitter Account. see below image. in that i done it.

Path :- Open feedburner > Publicize > Socialize > Add a Twitter Account.

Step 4 :- Save settings. done it carefully.

See sample item preview :-

Important Note :- This is nice service to boost traffic to your blog. it's save the time and lots work. there are many more techniques by using that we can get many benefit and save your valuable time.

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