Blog Commenting Is Best Way To Increase Blog Traffic

Bloggers want huge traffic to their blogs. of course all blogger want it. you tired to find out how to get traffic to blogs and you come to here. do not more worry. you find such a wonderful tricks. you already aware for blog commenting tricks. today i just want to share deeper information about blog commenting tricks. let's we discuss upon it.

Why Blog Commenting Is Wonderful Source OF Traffic ?

It's the nature of this tricks. no matter to wonder upon it. to use any tips and tricks, you need proper guidelines. without popper guidelines any best technique become spam. we do not want spam and google also not like spam ever.

How To Become Blog Commenting Powerful ?

Ya. that's the right question. every technique have power but you have to discover by proper tricks and tips. blog comments help on daily basic. each and every day you have to give some fix times to commenting method.
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Why Use Tricks For Daily Base ?
Daily basic trick is not spam. let's we go deeply, how is it possible ? once you created 70 backlinks via blog commenting. after 16 days you won't work than google consider as bad activity. better to create 70 backlinks in 16 days. got it know my point of view ? ya it's the better.

Why Use Google Analytics For Blog Commenting ?

Yesterday you wrote 10 comments on other blogs but out of those 10 comments only few will approved by blog/website webmaster. you do not have to time to go again each and every web page so you have to use google analytics to know source of blog traffic. google analytics is one of the beat and better tool to analysis blog traffic.

Make list of those blogs which approve your comment. blog list improve blog traffic. list only some blogs which give huge traffic from their website.

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All Things Are Useless Without Niche Blogs Commenting

Comment on blogs which related to your blog topics. why to do this ? unrelated blogs commenting no more helpful. people will not come to your blog via commenting because your comment is not related to who they search on net.

Google give also more credit for related blog comments. blog comments are more useful if you do in niche website.

Subscribe Comments

Via subscription you can know about who approve blog comments. if someone put comments on that article than you can also get notification via e-mail id. give the answer if you know. you have to make good reputation on net. always help via this comment method. do not spam.


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