How To Change Blogger Template ?

It's the big question but easy answer. who just stared blogging business those people fear to change blogger 's template but no need to worry more. your confusion will go away.  sometimes you do not like default template and you want to more seo optimization template than you have to change your template carefully.

Blogger done many new change in the Blogger's template section. if you are not aware about this update and your new to use it than read below two post.

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Types of Template ?

As you know that there are four types of template. one is, 1 column. second is 2 column. third is, 3 column and forth is, 4 column etc. 1 column have one sidebar, 2 column has 2 sidebar and so on so for 3 column and 4 column etc. this all are the best template. you can use template according to your needs.

Carefully Step Before Change The Blogger Template 

Note :- First You need to backup old template so you can not lose anythings and if it is possible than take backup of all blogs data's backup. keep it safety place so you can use it again in case of any problem.

From Where To Get Best Blogger Template ?
For this, you can get help from google. ya surely google search engine help you. find out the best template using google search.  if you do not have time to find out than use this website for blogger template. click here  

-> After select best blogger template. download your favorite template. unzip the template from zip version and upload this new template. see below given procedure to upload new blogger template.

How To Change Blogger Template ?

Step 1 :- Login To

Step 2 :- Now select the Template using Drop Down Menu and click on Backup / Restore. for more reference see the below image.

Step 3 :-  As i told before, first take back up of old template then upload new template. see below image for take backup of old template.

Step 4 :-  See Choose File. select it. now upload new template to choose file. select the file from your downloaded folder. save it and press Upload it.


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