How To Do Social Bookmarking For Get High Traffic?

Why Need Social Bookmarking ?

Once you use it than only you can perfectly know why need social bookmarking. any way it is powerful tool. every blogger still using it for better SEO results. you do not miss out feature of social bookmarking.

You can get 16,000+ visitor for one web page if you success to do social bookmarking. you have to web page on the front page so you will get lots of visitor daily. it's not hard task to get rank your web page at first level like search engine. in that you can easily get first rank. just need to do work.

What Is Social Bookmarking ? And How It Helps To Us ?

Social bookmarking is bookmark your website page on web. you can easily access this page from anywhere.

Social bookmark store your links on the web so google consider it is as backlinks. if you will get key to use it effectively than you will SEO race.

How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO Link Building ?

Step 1 :- Take any social bookmarking site in which you want to submit link. for example i take to bookmark webpage.  Read Also :- Top 10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

Step 2 :- Create the account in folkd and login.

Step 3 :- Click on "Add a Link".

Step 4 :- After do step 3, you have to select "Save as Webpage".

Step 5 :- Enter the URL of your blog. press Submit.

Step 6 :- Now write the effective title, attractive describing and matching tags.

Step 7 :- do spam verification. Save the Item. after done all process your web page store. see below image.


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