How To Increase Blog Traffic And Page rank ?

Every blogger's aim is attend the high amount of traffic with good page rank. both are important. we can not neglect even single point to reach at top level of blogging.

Every beginner and fresher have the same question. how to increase the traffic ? you done every thing but still nothing good happen in blogging career. do not worry. everything will be good if you have patient.

Blog traffic and page rank are different but still there is some common things which help each other. traffic also increase page rank and if you have good page rank than also it will help to send traffic to blog. both are relative to each other.

How To Increase Page Rank ?

About Page Rank :-

Let's we First talk about page rank. what to do to increase page rank ? back links have important and main roll to increase page rank. ya it will sure increase page rank but back links should be do follow. no follow back links never increase page rank.

How To Increase Blog Traffic ?

Blog Commenting :-

Comment method which i used mostly and every blogger still using this method so do not avoid this method. SEO experts always give advice to do comment on your niche's blog. remember that do comment in niche's website. niche is important because if you comment another niche's website than mostly people not remarks more so it will not come to your blog via comment.

Comment also increase the SERP means page rank. if comment are do follow than you will get double benefit.

If you will get more comment at your blog / article than it's good. it will help to page more live and more valuable.

Google Webmaster Tools :-

Most important things if you were not used this tools than you are not blogger. i think you understood my point. it's so much important in blogging career.

Using google webmaster tools you can see how many search queries do you have. how many impression and clicks are getting for one keywords. what is the avg. position of keywords in search engine etc.

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