Tips And Tricks To Increase Website/Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is product of google. do not thing that if you have more powerful tools and tricks than you will get high traffic with in single day. do not things it. it will take time. ya every tools has it's own unique power but you have to wait to see power of tools and tricks.

Google webmaster is one the most genuine and best tools for blogger. understand it deeply so you can analysis your blog / website. 

Most important things :- Analyze website

Analyze  is the way to improve your work. if your are not analyze your work than you can not improve also. this tools help you to analyze your pagerank, internal linking, search queries, crawl errors, keywords, indexed page etc.

Use Webmaster Tools To Increase Blog Traffic

Step 1 :- Login to Google Webmaster Tools using google account (blogger account).

Step 2 :- Choose blog address. now see at the right top side, one red button is there. "ADD A SITE". click on button and write blog address.

Step 3 :- After write blog address. press Continue read all the instruction which is written there. complete totally verification process. it's necessary to complete verify website with google webmaster tools. this is one step which you completed.

Step 4 :-  See below image. in the image, there is three section. one is Crawl errors. second is, search queries and third is, sitemaps.

How To Submit Sitemaps In Blogger ?

-> Click on the sitemaps.
->  At the right top side, ADD/TEST SITEMAP.
-> After your blog address put the below link.

 exapmple :-

-> Press Submit Sitemap. now you done sitemap submission.

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What Is The Use of Search Queries ?

When you click on search queries than complete list of search queries of your blog appear on your screen. you will see some column of query, impression, click, CTR, avg. position.

internet user use keywords (search queries) to find out you web content. impression and clicks shows you that how many times page is views in search engine and how many people click in that respectively. based on impression and click, CTR ration will made. avg. position will information you that which keyword have which position in search engine.


What Is Crawl Errors ?

Crawl errors inform you about broken links in blog. see above image. there is 7 crawl error. you can remove crawl errors by  tricks. in settings of blogger, search preference is there. in that error and re-directors which remove broken links.

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