How To Setup Feedburner Feed In Blogger For E-mail Subscribe ?

Once you created blog / website than surely you will need enough traffic to read your blog. feedburner is increase your reader. do not surprise that how it will increase the reader of your website ? 

Rss is nothing but syndication of whole web content. to get the latest news you will subscribe the newspaper and that newspaper will come to your doorstep. this is the same like. you have to subscribe rss feed via your e-mail id and conform it. latest news update from subscriber website will reach at your e-mail id.

How To Install Feedburner ? [Burn a FeedBurner Feed]

Step 1 :- Go to Feedbuner and login with your blogger / gmail account. if you do not have than create it.

Step 2 :- In front of your screen one message will display like "Burn a feed right this instant". below that sms you have to fill empty box with your blog / website URL. see below image. Press next for further procedure.

Step 3 :-
 Select the first URL for feed URL and press next.

Step 4 :-  Now you have to enter feed title and address. fill the title and address. Next.

Step 5 :-  You feed burner is crested successfully. below is your feedburner URL. after that you have to press to times next and check all box.

How To Redirect Blogger Feed To Feedburner ?

(1) Go to and click on deop down menu.

(2) Select the settings and click other.

(3) Write the feedburner URL in Post Feed Redirect URL using edit link button. see below image.

(4) Save the settings. you done all the step.

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