Perfectly Social Bookmarking Submission Tips And Tricks For Powerful SEO

I already post two article based on Social Bookmarking.

Today we will discuss you, how to improve results of social bookmarking ? better social bookmarking givebetter results. many of done many mistakes when they do social bookmarking so google consider you as spammer.

Imperfectly Social Bookmarking Blast Your Blog 

Ya. it's totally right. there is perfect guidelines to do social bookmarking. if you miss guideline that surely you will lost your website. google will reject your whole work. google panda will effect your website but do not worry. read all guidelines for better results of social bookmarking.

Which Social Bookmarking Sites Is Good For Better Result ?

Usually do follow social bookmarking give double benefits but there are many no follow website which you can not avoid to reach at the success level of blogging. no follow website are like StumbleUpon, reddit, etc. many more.

Still Confuse ?

Find out some high pr do follow website to do social bookmarking and do not forget to include some no follow very powerful social bookmarking sites.

Take do follow website :- Slashdot, folked, technorati (Claim),Dzone etc many more
Take No Follow Website :- StumbleUpon, reddit, etc many more.

Read my previous article to get do follow and no follow website list of social bookmarking.

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Do Not Forgot To Read This For Social Bookmarking Submission 

(1) Take one perfect time to do it. choose best submission time.

(2) Do not repeat the description if your repeat it than your are spammer in the eyes of google. (Important Points To Remember).

(3) Write effectively title otherwise no buddy see your web page.

Example :- Title : How To Do Social Bookmarking ?

Effective Title :- How To Do Effectively Social Bookmarking For Better SEO Results ?

Limit of Social Bookmarking Per Day 

Note :- More than is more bad so always do work in limit.

Limitless is bad for you. if you do 100 social bookmarking per day than another 29 day you will not do any things than it is bad social bookmarking.

(1) You can do Maximum 45 social bookmarking  per day but do it regularly.

If you want to do per day 10 social bookmarking than do it. do it regularly. if you do regularly than it will give better and better effect for SEO.

Automated Tools Banned Your Website

Most important things. do not automated tools anyway. this is also another type of spamming. google like human unique work. be careful.

Social Bookmarking Is Powerful Tool For Get High Traffic

Surely there is no doubt in that. if your web page will come to first than you will receive thousand of traffic. do it perfectly.

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