Upload YouTube Video With Android Smartphone

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Let's fun with by uploading youtube video with smartphone. many of android user do not  aware all function and feature of android phone so let's we go deeply in android phone.

So you have to active smartphone' wi-fi and connect with internet. if you have 3G/4G speed than it's better and good to upload video via smartphone. in the slow speed it will take some time.

Once ready with our favorite video, go to gallery option and select the menu button. after that select the share button using popup window. see android image 1.

As you see in the first image, after watching your video. go to share button and touch it for share video on youtube. click on youtube.

Complete the title of youtube video, write description and provide better tags to video. after finish all the procedure, let it upload video by touch the button of "Upload". see android image 2.
Android Image 2

Do not do any procedure until the upload process finish otherwise it will not upload, if you do something on your phone. that's all things depend on phones.

To watch your uploaded video on phone's open app of youtube via app menu and choose the my youtube channel to view video. it will appear on video list.

Apple iPhone Upload Video On Youtube

Let's we go deeply via operating system with android company brand. first we discuss of apple iOS. what to do in that ?

Upload video with apple iPhone it's very easy.  you have to sing in the youtube apps before do any things. in the video section, there are three option. one is, e-mail video. second is, message video and third is, send to youtube. select the third option like "send to youtube". click on that to upload video. write the title, description and tags. now press the publish button to upload completely this video. publish button is shows you at the right top side. see image of apple iPhone image 1.
Apple iPhone Image 1
Windows Phone Upload Video On Youtube

In windows phone not supporting youtube native apps so to upload video we have to find another option which perform the same action like native youtube apps so let's find it.

Find out share buttons. share buttons are in the options icon in the lower right had corner. Sky drive  send a video. it will use your regular e-mail address. in "To", you will see. as the above, write the tags, title and description. upload it.

BlackBerry OS Upload Video On YouTube

With blackberry OS simple to do upload video on youtube. before do all process, you have to sing in the youtube account. firstly, open the video which you want to share / upload. after open it, press the black berry key. now go to send and press Upload video to upload files of video on youtube. write the description, title and tags in the required field. at the button, there is the button of publish. when the uploading process is complete than press the publish button. now your video is uploaded on youtube. very one can see it.

Blackberry OS Image 1


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