3 Tricks: How To Upload videos On Facebook ? It's Limitation (For Beginners Guide)

Upload a video as easy as you search any video. facebook is place to share videos with friends and family where people comment on videos, like video and share video if someone like. this is simple process. if you know once this process than nothing is hard. mostly all people know this process but this article written for those people who just started facebook and do not know deeply function of facebook.

Limitation of Video Upload On Facebook

There are certain limit to upload video on facebook so better to know this limitation on facebook before do any action on facebook. you can not upload video more than 1024 MB or megabytes. if you do than your process will not fully complete. facebook reject your video upload on facebook.

IF we say that minutes in length than video can not be longer more than 20 minutes otherwise you will get same errors. no minimum requirement but maximum requirement is there which i explained.

How To Upload Video On facebook ?

Log in to your facebook account with your e-mail id and password. if you do not have than create facebook account. to create facebook account follow the all instruction which is mention of the screen.

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After log in into facebook account, in front of you one facebook search bar. exactly below on that there are two options. one is, upload states and second is, add photos/videos.

Click on add photos/video option. when you click on that options, again in front of you have two options. one is, upload photos/videos and another is create photo album.

Select Upload photos/video. now to upload a video/photo, you can select your files from computer using this browse file. after selecting to upload a file. it will take 1-2 minutes.

Click on Post to upload video. you are completely done all steps.

How To Upload Video Directly From YouTube To Facebook ?

For that, you need youtube account than only this procedure you can done. create youtube account if you do not have so read my another post on youtube where you will get lots of information about how to sing up on youtube and how to upload video on youtube.

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Click on youtube settings under your profile section and go to 'Connected Accounts' where you will find facebook option. connect youtube account with facebook account by click on 'Connect'.

Now connection done completely. what to do to upload any video. for upload any video, go to any one youtube video place and find out share buttons. share video with Facebook and it will upload to facebook account. see below image.

 Upload a Friend's Video On Facebook

Search the your favorite video and click on that. you will find on options of share which share the videon on facebook account. you can add the caption on video. see after share, video shows on your facebook timeline.

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