How To Upload Videos On YouTube ? (For Beginners Guide)

YouTube is the place for fun by watching favorite video. best website to watch video. you can enjoy more by uploading video on youtube. upload a video is not hard task, once you know the procedure than it's easy for you. you need to know first whole procedure to do it so today in this article you will find process of how to upload video on youtube.

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Before upload youtube video, you have to create youtube account in the YouTube website so let's we do it.

                                                   How To Create YouTube Account ?

It's the simple process but i have to write for newcomers. to make youtube account, you need to press read button of "Create an account".

After click on 'create an account', fill the form which display on your screen. fill the required information and create an account. if you have Google account than you can directly sing in.

when you finish the whole process of create an account. it will redirect to youtube by "Back to YouTube". now you are youtube's website. you are sing in YouTube's account.

How To Upload YouTube Video On YouTube Channel ?

You are sing in into your youtube account. if you not than sing in. click on the upload button to upload video on youtube channel. upload button located on the search's bar right top side and sing in's left top side. see below image.

click on below button which select the files to upload video. select your desire file from your computer's location. select it.

Video upload precess is going on. see below image, up to now 6% process is complete to upload video. wait some time, let it finish to 100% to upload a video. your video URL also mention while you upload a video. see it.

Write the catchy title, attractive description and powerful tags which give more views and more searchable your video. do not forget to do this.

After sometimes, your whole process will complete. it will look like below image. upload complete. see image for more info.

see the video on youtube.

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