How To Block Ads On YouTube ?

YouTube is the favorite place to watch video. Millions of people watching video from youtube and of course you are in that only. It's the interesting and popular website which have good feature like easily search, you can create an account, like, comment and share on social network etc. There are lots of tutorial which teaching by this website.
Sometimes people dislike ads on youtube. When they complete 2-3 videos on youtube than automatically ad will come on video. Many times you have to watch ads,  you can not skip if option will not there.

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On youtube you can see ads which appear on video. this is google adsense ads. youtube is owned by google adsense. you can skip ads depend on given time. that time may be 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds etc. After that only you can skip it. Some ads are non skip-able. That length will be 30 seconds etc. people bore with this disturb ads.

Advantages To Disable Ads

(1) You will not disturb when you watch video on youtube and it will not take more time to watch video with ads.

(2) By disabling ads on youtube, you can increase youtube video's buffering speed.

Step To Block Ads On YouTube Website Itself And On Video Play

Step will different according to browser. let's we know further details on this topic. By using add-on you can disable video ads and ads on website too so it will increase acceleration speed.

Block Add (High Recommended) :- Click Here for download. i use it for Firefox browser and it's working good. Add the extension and allow it for use. IF you do not want to use than disable from add-on.

For Opera Browser, Click Here And Install. Click on "Add To Opera" and after installing restart opera browser to use it.Now you can watch video without ads.

Chrome Extension :- Telly extension adds symbol on the top which skip the ads anytime. free to use it. Even if in the middle side ads on video you can block by click on symbol.


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