2 Steps To Convert Word Files To PDF And XPS Format

Sometimes we need exact file format to show our document because of so many reasons. Microsoft word save their file in .dox file format and notepad save their file in notepad format. Net user always buy some tool to convert any file in PDF/XPS format but actually there is no need to pay money and download any software to convert word files into PDf/XPS file format. Microsoft have inbuilt function to convert file. Read :- Convert YouTube Video To MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, WEBM, FLV

How To Convert Microsoft Word Files Into .pdf And .xps ?

Step 1 :- Select any file in MS-Word and open it by using Ctrl+O. You can open any file by double clicking on it.

Step 2 :- Select the file and go to "Save As". Click on PDF or XPS. This function  publish word document into *.pdf and *.xps format.

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Important Note :- IF you do not have add-on to than this service will not work for you. To use this service you have to install related add on. I also install. Once you install than no need to do again and again process.

Click on given link when you open PDF or XPS link. If link is not given than open it at Click Here (PDF or XPS).


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