Facebook Tips And Tricks - Don't Miss It

I was posted so many facebook tips and tricks for my readers. of course, that was very useful for FB social network user. every people using facebook from child to elder but still many of facebook user do not know all FB function and how to secure facebook account ?

Today i plan to write all useful tips and facebook in one place so you will not get straggle to find out each and every fb tips using keyword in google search engine.

(1) Post Facebook Status On Blue Color

How is it possible ? it's possible with one code. by using this code you can post facebook status on blue color. this is pretty good tricks because many of user bored with black color of status update.

Code :-  @@[1:[0:1: write something here ]]

Use above code to post fb status on blue color. you can rite your status in stand of "write something here". see below image for more reference.

Now let's we move on another tricks. it's very helpful to you also. read below post.

(2) How To Download All Facebook History of Your Account ?

It might very interesting information for all fb facebook user. you can download every data which you share on facebook. ya it's not joke, try this tricks. in timeline you can find every activity of facebook user from bottom to end. you can download all facebook timeline information, content, photos, video etc. whatever you share on facebook that all information you can download either you create facebook profile or share any data.

For that, you gave to go in account setting which you can find at the top right side corner. after enter in account setting you can see at the bottom one option for download facebook data.

(3) Send The Free SMS From Facebook

This statements quit funny but it's real. fb have lots of apps by using you can do it. log in to your fb account with id and password and open below apps to send free sms. see image for more understanding.

Apps Address :- http://apps.facebook.com/chatsms/

(4) Download Facebook Photo Album of Your Friends

IF you like one photo than you can easily download image from fb but problem will happen if you like 1000 photo and you want to download in your computer than it's very time consuming process. it will bore you when you download with each and every photo.

Visit this link :- Click Here

Now you can download your friend's photo album using 4 step. when you open above link than you have to perform 4 step.

step 1 :- login to facebook account.
step 2 :- write the fb profile name of your friend.
step 3 :- select album.
step 4 :- do download.

Still you confuse with this process than go to another article of this blog in which i explain very deeply about this tricks. go at download fb photo album.

(5) Post Fb Status On Empty Space

Is it really possible ? you can change status color but how can you post empty status ? you can not done it without any tricks. to do this you have use again one code. see below procedure.

Code :- @[2:2: ]

use this code. you have to enter this code in status and press post to publish it. results come out in empty status.

(6) Remove Facebook Timeline

Still many user do not want timeline in fb. many people ask me how to remove fb timeline so i include this topic in tips and tricks. i already post this tricks but again i am writing short post for my readers. to read more for this topic you have to visit my previous article.

To remove timeline you have to click here. after visit this new site you have to select your browser which is given at bottom site. after that you have to login with fb account and do procedure further. install one plugin to your browser and re-open it. read more..

(7) Who Unfriended You In Facebook ?

This type of function is not available in facebook but still you can find who deleted your friend request after approve it. facebook is big network and by using facebook apps we can do everything.

Apps :- Click Here

Use this who deleted apps and you will get every details about your fb friend which you do not know still now. read more(3 tricks for this fb tips).

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