Google Search Tips And Tricks For Searchers

We previously discuss on Facebook tips and tricks. Now let's we move to google to discover some tips and tricks. Why google search engine famous ? Is there any secret ? When Google was not found on world. People use "Directory" For search. In directory, user can find their information. Later on directories are gone and search engine comes. There are lots of search engine. Internet user use more Google and only Google. This search engine gives new ideas and new strategy to easily search any content/information on net. People just love google for it's high performance. Still many of user do not aware about google search tips and tricks.

Search File Format On Project Topic

In the final year, Every student have to do project on some topic. How to find out proper information on net ? Do not just simply type any keyword on google. That way you already done many searches on google. Google have not only 20-30 website for your keyword. It have lots of information and lots of blog/website/ppt/doc etc. Just you have to search it. How to find PPT related to project topic ? See below image for more reference. Type any keyword with given command.

You can find any file format on this similar way, just change name like .doc, .pdf, .xls etc.

Common command :- Keyword Type:.File Format

How To Search Fresh Information ?

Every day search engine update by website/blog owner. When you type some keywords on google than list of website comes with related topic. That website may be written 3-4 years old. You need some website who write on past week on your keyword than How to find it ? See below image.

Visitor can see the update time with particular website. This information was updated in past week. This type of technique will help more for blogger. Blogger always want to find new fresh information to update on their blog.

Procedure :- In Google Search, Click on 'Search Tools'. Select the time. Time ranges are Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past month, Past Year etc. Those who want their country's website they can choose own country.

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Tips For Accurate Search

Exact keywords are necessary to find right information. If you was done small spelling error than google correct that error but totally wrong keyword and spelling error will bring you some where on another infomation.

Example 1 :-
Wrong :- Stop Copy Paste function On Blogs/website From Content Thieves
Right :- Disable Copy Paste Function In Website

Example 2 :-
Wrong :- How To Stop My Head Bursting
Right :- Medicines For Headache

Search Result Based On Domain/Website

As blogger always need edu and gov sites backlinks to get trust from google. edu means education, This domain is hard to get and very important if you get backlinks from this type of domain. This same of Gov sites.

Command :- Keyword:.Domain/websites

Who just doing blogging business for that domain is most important so by this way you can search domain.

IF Karnataka/Kerala/Bombay searcher want their education website than type those related keywords with command.

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Use Filter For Search

Minus Operator (-):- It's minus operator to element the word from search. IF you do not want to diode than use keyword : transistor -diode.

Exact Phrase ("") :- By using this code, you will not get en-closer search.


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