Infolinks Reviews [Text Ads] - Best Adsense Alternative To Earn Online

Why use infolinks ? what is infolinks ? what is the best alternative of adsense ? advantages of infolinks. you have many question about this advertising service. no doubt you will get all answer here.

Obviously you heard about google adsense which is the number one network over world wide and many of blogger give the first priority to google adsense. infolinks is also best but after google adsense. there are lots of advertising network which give chance to earn money online. in that google adsense and infolinks are the best services.

Why Easy to Approve Infolinks ? How ?

OF course you do not have to do extra effort to approve infolinks advertisement. it's the simple process to apply account. just need a good blog with some content. you can approve this account with blogspot domain. need not to buy top level domain. if you have than it's good.

Easy To Implementation

You do not have to find right place for ads. just copy one code from infolinks account and paste their code in the HTML section. the ads will automatically appear on website.

Can We Use Adsense And Infolinks At The Same Blog ?

Why not ? of course you can use this both service. just do not spam. there is no rule to place only one account. you can use two advertisements account but do not use two google adsense and two infolinks otherwise you will banded. use one account for different advertisement. there are lots of blogger who place infolinks and google adsense at one place.

How Infolinks Is The Best Adsense Alternative ?

It is the only true. many of blogger give the same statements by using other advertisements network. there are many alternatives like Luminate, Chitaka, Infolinks, Clicksor, Kontera etc.

I heard reviews about kontera that it give very low CPC and CPM. this same reviews for other network too like chitaka, cliksor. infolinks are best alternative of adsense. infolinks are best alternative according to all bloggers reviews because it's give high CTC and CPC. many webmaster earn lots of many from other network which depend on there website and any other factor. that's we talk on later.

No Need Extra Place To Put Ads

This is the biggest advantages so i like to use this advertisement service. for adsense, you have to give place for ads. infolinks have in build script for ads. it will automatically scan your blog and find out some words in content to place ads. ads will come with two underline below words.

Frame advertisement is good. there are two frame. one is come out from left side and another is come out from right side. it will come by floating so no need to give place on blog.

Infolinks give new options to increase the CTR ration for earn high revenue earning through this network. in tag ads. now you can put ads on tag. just active tag ads on infolinks. it will automatically appear after 10 minutes.

Any Disadvantages To Use This Network ?

All network have it's own advantages and disadvantages. that's you have to manages it by your planing.

Low CPC (Cost Per Click) 
You can not earn more money using this advertisement service using very slow amount for traffic. if you want to earn more from good traffic than traffic should come from USA. it will give good CPC.

Low Pay For International Traffic  
Comparatively they will pay high for USA but if we see from totally outside than it give low CPC for international traffic but it's ok.

How Visitor Hate This ?

Lots of reason when reader will not come again. first of that when readers come and read your blog in that they will find lots of ads on text body only. they will get trouble while reading blog. after sometimes floating ads will come out from different dimension so readers will go for close it. it will interrupt when they are reading. most hated this that this type java script take more time to load your website. visitor do not like this.

But anyway it's the good network to use. many are using and you can use. this network have only few disadvantages and people still using this network. some disadvantages we can neglect. use this network for earn money online suing website/blog.


  1. Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing your Infolinks review with your readers! I'm happy to read about your success - Infolinks is a great AdSense alternative as well as a fantastic AdSense complement. Keep up the good work and happy blogging :)

  2. Infolinks is surely a great way to monetize but only blogs, but as you pointed out their low CPC is the only disadvantage and only blogs with decent amount of traffic can earn something from them.

  3. Adsense still the best, because they collect almost $40 billion from advertiser per year!

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