Type Indian Rupee Symbol in MS-Word Using Tilde (~) Key

Indian government was officially announced to release new symbol in the year of 2010. New symbol was released on 15 July, 2010. Indian people very curious to type new symbol in word file format. There is no key to type Indian rupee icon in MS-word. Indian rupee symbol is not part of Unicode character and it will take some times to new symbol to get accepted by the Unicode consortium's Unicode technical committee which is responsible for development and maintenance of the Unicode standard.

So Click Here For Download Indian Rupee Symbol in MS-word.

Now open the downloaded file from your download file location. Open the file and press on install to use Indian rupee character in MS-Word.

You have totally done it. To use this symbol you have to open MS-word. Find out "Rupee Foradian". To type symbol you have to press Tilde (~) which is located before 1 key and above 'Tab'.


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