Process To Create Torrent File And Upload Too

As we are familiar with torrent for only download purpose. Mostly people just use torrent for download only but torrent is more than download. Let's we discuss about it.

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When you want to transfer some low data than you will surely use e-mail with attachment file and for medium size file you can use cloud service like sky drive, Google drive and drop box etc. But now this cloud service is limited for free users. You can just upload only limited size if you have large file than you can not do it.

Still many of people do not aware the other function of torrent in which you can upload the large file so in this article we will discuss about on this topic.

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Step To Upload And Create Torrent File

Step 1 :- To do all procedure download torrent. either it's bit torrent or utorrent. for download utorrent click here and for download bit torrent click here.

Step 2 :- Run and install downloaded file and open it.

Step 3 :- Click on "File" and one navigation bar will open. in that you have to select 'Create New Torrent'.

Step 4 :- Now decide what you want to upload and select the file. For upload you can select 'Add File' or 'Add Directory'.

Step 5 :- Press create so torrent file will be create in desire selected section.

You are done.

Now you just created torrent file to share with your friends. Here for test purpose i selected random file. When you do all the steps that time in your case you do not find out trackers default than you can add below trackers which is best for torrent.

After creating torrent tile on client, upload file to .torrent file weather you have to share file private/public. There are lots of sites which allow the upload file like etc.

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