5 IT Certifications To Improve Your IT Career

IT certifications are a great way to certify your skills and become employable. Most IT companies today look for certified individuals so that they do not have to conduct extensive in-depth interview to judge their skill levels.

IT Certified individuals come with a ready knowledge base of the industry in question and hands-on experience with the required tools too. This makes it easy for the employers and helps them save money which they would otherwise have to spend on training the new joiner.

Some IT certifications are very lucrative and have a high demand as compared to others. A common question asked by IT certificate aspirants is which certifications are the best to go for?


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So here’s a list of the highly demanded IT certifications which are also amongst the highest paid certifications too.

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA): The CCNA certification is one of the basic Cisco certifications and involves operating and troubleshooting medium-sized organizational networks. It trains individuals on advanced concepts of WAN and LAN design. The training assists incumbents in polishing their skills in Network Security Management, WLAN, VLAN, routing protocols and IP addressing. The average salary of a CCNA is $82,923.
  2. Microsoft Certified Systems Associate (MCSA): MCSA is an elementary Microsoft certification which can be considered for a number of positions including technical support, operations analysis and systems and network administrators. 91% employers consider this certification essential for a candidate to qualify. It also forms as a foundation for advanced Microsoft certifications. The average salary of an MCSA is $ 82,923.
  3. CompTIA Security: The CompTIA is best for professionals looking for establishing a niche career for themselves in the field of IT security. Through the certification, professionals can comprehend, predict and mitigate a variety of risks within different networks. The average salary of a Comp TIA professional is $ 80,066.
  4. Cisco Certified Network Technician (CCENT): Best for individuals wanting to advance their knowledge in small businesses IT networks. The certification covers general routing, router configuration, NAT, DNS, OSI models. The average salary of a CCENT professional is $ 74,764.
  5. CompTIA Network: It’s best for entry level professionals hired for the role of network administration, technician, help services and installation. It also forms as a perquisite for advanced CCENT and CCNA certifications. The average salary of a Comp TIA Network professional is $ 71,207.



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