How to Succeed in Social Media: 7 Essential Tips

Times have changed with regard to technology and the Internet. Social media, once a platform for showing off photos of your children, weddings, and vacations, is now a platform for fostering your business.

Many business owners are taking to the Internet to build their brand, create a positive relationship with their clients, and fashion a reputation for their business name. However, no business can do this without learning how to succeed in social media. You need to master the following seven principles.

Use respect

One of the biggest mistakes any business can make in social media is using disrespectful language or tone. When you use social media, it”s important to remember that you need to treat your customers and followers — even your competition — with respect.

This means not using derogatory terms or discussing personal views on controversial issues. Always use proper language and encourage open communication with respect and courtesy.


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Don”t advertise elsewhere

When you use social media to pursue business, it”s imperative to remember you should not use social media as your own personal billboard. You will appear to look like a spammer if you continuously use other people”s newsfeeds and blogs to promote your own work.

While it”s great to promote your products and services, you need to create your own groups and pages to do so, and refrain from advertising your business on other people”s content. It”s unappealing to potential customers.

Stay on your followers” good side

Do not assume, just because you have followers, that you can annoy them regularly. If you want to send mass messages and emails, do so … but only if the content is relevant and useful to people. Arbitrary information that is not useful for your followers eventually annoys them; and it likely goes straight to their trash box without even being opened.

Contribute things other than business-related news

From time to time, you should use social media for reasons other than business. Post a funny but non-offensive joke. Link to an article that has an inspiring message so your followers can enjoy it. When you use social media only for business purposes, you come across as self-serving.

It”s always a good idea to let your followers know that behind your business is a person that”s relatable and interested in sharing with followers.

Use spell check

This is an often overlooked feature on social media. Even though it”s a relatively informal medium, and it”s acceptable to use abbreviations that most teenagers regard as normal words, you should not post things without making sure they”re spelled correctly.

Few things turn off fans and potential customers to your business faster than typos, misspelled words, and inaccurate information.

Brag without sounding like a braggart

One way to build your business reputation is to talk about your business accomplishments. You don”t want to sound like you”re bragging on social media, so instead of posting about how great your company is, approach this goal with some finesse.

For example, post photos of your employees running in a charitable 5K benefiting a local charity, or a congratulations post to a co-worker for winning an award or being recognized by the community. It helps your followers see that you”re a giver and your business is relevant.

Use surveys

Employee attitude surveys are a business owner”s dream. Why? Because they enable you to learn what your employees feel about your company, what you can improve, and how you can boost your business. Since the purpose of being in business is success, this is the perfect tool.

Good social media etiquette is essential for business success. Without this knowledge, you”re doing yourself a great disservice. Get online and practice using the skills listed here so you can make your business grow.


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