How should you buy a call recorder?

Gone are when phone recording was just for fun. This phone recording software is used for variety of needs today call center recording to journalism recording. Many are using this android call recorder for both personal and professional requirements. Irrespective of the purpose which you use the call recorder, it is important take few factors into consideration while choosing one. I am here to detail you about few key factors that you should consider in call recording software.

The most obvious question that you hear from the potential customers is what type of the call recording software you should buy. There are different options available for this. Before you start your search for the phone recorder, you should check the type of phone you have. Is it a cell phone or landline or cordless phone? Not all the software available in the market will work best for the phone you have. Some may fit your need where as some don’t.


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Sound quality

Irrespective of the type of the call recording software you choose for your phone, you should make sure that sound quality of the call recording software is perfect. You should listen to it and make sure that the app sounds perfect before you install it on your android mobile or install it on any of your phones.  You should compare sound quality of the different software before you pick one from the market.

Storage media

Call recording software allows you to store the data on two types of recording media. One is cassette recorder and the other is digital recorder. While cassette seems to cheaper than digital recorder, you will lose an option to record hundreds of conversations. Choosing the digital recorder in the place of cassette recorder will help you transfer the files to your computer easily.

Number of lines recorded

This also plays a key role in type of the recorder you want to you. If you intend to use only single line with the help of the recorder, cassette tape recorder will work best for you. On the contrary, if your need is to record every call that comes to your business call center, you need to have multi line digital recorder to fit your needs perfectly.

Backup purpose

Call recording become key purpose in the professions like journalism and investigation. If you are into such profession, call recorder is must have for you. If you are using the recorder for spy purpose, you should have time when all the calls are not recorded is important to reach your goals. The recorder with backup power source will work best for you.

User detection

This is the most important factor that you should check while choosing the call recorder. The call on the other side should not be able detect that the call is being recorded if it is being used for spy purpose. You should choose the recorder that has no beeps and no clicks to alert the person that the call is being recorded.


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