Time Management Apps Help Balance Your Obligations

Balancing school and life is always tough, but it’s especially difficult when you’re pursuing an advanced degree. Use these apps to stay on top of it all.

  • Things – Schedule, organize, and prioritize your tasks. Add new to-dos with a quick tap so you’ll never forget important tasks.
  • Day One – This simple journaling app allows you to capture daily life in pictures and short thoughts, so you’re never too busy to appreciate the highlights of your day.
  • WorkFlowy – Simplify your thoughts with this well-organized notepad that’s perfect for outlining, listing, and remembering.


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Smart Study Apps Help You Learn More Efficiently

Get the most out of every study session with apps made just for learning.

  • Flashcards+ – Access millions of flash card sets or make your own for studying on-the-go. With this app, you’re always equipped for a fast review session.
  • Margins (book notes) – This app helps you take notes from any book. Enter the ISBN and it will pull up your text by page. Add your own comments and save.
  • Quiet Hours – Mute your phone for all but select calls. This app will help you shut out social media and email updates to really focus on study time.

Work-Related Apps Increase Your Efficiency

If you’re going back to get a masters degree online while continuing to work full-time at your current job, it’s important that your work performance doesn’t suffer. Use these apps to stay on top of it all.

  • Encamp – This app brings the features and functionality of Base camp to your phone for employees who rely on this program at work.
  • LinkedIn – Add the LinkedIn app to your phone and you can network on the go anytime.
  • Quick office Mobile Office Suite – View and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents on your phone with this app.

Learning Apps Enhance Your Courses

Get the most out of your classes with apps that make learning and absorbing information easier than ever.

  • SkyView – Explore the Universe – This astronomy app includes sky paths for the moon, sun, and planets, maps of constellations and stars, and even satellite data.
  • Human Anatomy – This app helps you find and name various parts of the human body. The app includes quizzes to test your knowledge as well.
  • Graphing Calculator – Minimize the number of gadgets that you have to carry around by adding all of a graphing calculator’s crucial functions to your phone.

With great apps like these, you can manage the struggle of going to school, taking care of your family, and continuing to climb the corporate ladder. Your smart phone will be there to help you through it all with ease and efficiency.


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