10 Cool Gadgets to Make Your Home more Unique

In a world where gadgets to pimp up your home are widely available, it’s hard to find those gems that will really wow your friends and family. Here, we try and aid your search for some seriously cool inventions that will make your house unlike any other.

1. Transparent TV

To kick us off, a very recent design idea brought to the market by Michael Friebein the form of the transparent television.  This very cool take on the traditional TV means our huge screens no longer impose on the room and when switched off, become invisible. For lovers of Zen and FengShui having a TV no longer ruins the rooms ‘Chi’ so you can watch those television box sets to your hearts content. This gorgeous looking adaptation of the world’s favourite electrical item can only be viewed as the start of all screen based items following suit.

2. Floor Plan Light Switch

Remembering which light switch is for which room can be difficult, especially after a night out. However, Yanko Design comes to our rescue with the light switch that is modified to show the floor plan of your home so you can switch lights with ease. This is not only a useful addition to your home but also looks like it’s from a Bond film.


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3. Door with Self Sterilization System

This may not seem ever so cool, but is very useful if you worry about getting ill especially as so many germs are spread through touch. People are very lazy about washing their hands so this is the perfect solution. The secret to this self-cleaning handle is the UV light hidden within it. When the handle is being used the light switches itself off, yet when that person lets go and leaves the room the light comes back on, hence sterilizing itself.

4. Electrolux Portable Fireplace

This new take on a modern in or outdoor gas fireplace is pure magic captured in a ceramic cylinder. The container is white in colour, when the fire is switched off, and becomes transparent when it’s switched on. Although not readily available yet on the market, keep your eyes open as these are set to come on sale later this year. This is ideal if you don’t want to spend the money on fireplaces or if you just like the idea of keeping cosy wherever you are in the home.

5. LED Ceiling

Purely for cool-factor why not install an entire ceiling of LED lights. Enjoyable for house parties, entertaining over dinner or even for children to get creative with, these will keep everybody happy. ‘Draw the Lights’ by Seo Dong-Hun is the concept of a customizable LED lit ceiling with light wand to play around with the shapes and constellations above you. Whether it is to write a message, or alter the lighting when you move around your furniture, this is a fun yet functional addition to any luxury pad. An added bonus is that the lights are energy efficient!

6. Tulip Bath &Shower

This invention looks streamlined, futuristic yet also is a fantastic option for people struggling for space in their bathrooms. The design is said to be based on the organic and curvilinear growth pattern common in nature. With a fixed core, standing platform, backrest, tap and hydro massage panels this gives average bathrooms a run for their money. This would be comfortable but also impress any house guests, a perfect investment.

7. Aquarium Sink

Whether to funk up your kitchen or bathroom this sink is a definite style statement. These come with aquarium light; air pump and two large entry points to ensure your choice of fishy friends can be put into their new home. A lovely calming influence to any room, we’re not saying it’s at all necessary but hey, it’s cool!

8. Subsonic Chair

For all of the hardcore music fans, designer Greg Ball has manufactured the answer to your prayers. Fusing his interests in car audio and furniture he has created this bass heavy chair, that incorporates two 16” sub woofers and two four inch mid-range speakers into it’s frame. A combined 1,000 watts generate enough power for every note felt. Gamers may also be fans of this sound busting seat, enabling them to feel even more part of the action.

9. Levitating Bed

Designed by Dutchman JanjaapRuijssenaars the amazing floating bed has enough magnets holding it up to keep 1984 pounds in the air. It does have four cables to tether it to the wall just to ensure it doesn’t float away because of a hard wind or strange movements. At a price of $1.53 million you’re not likely to see it in your local bed shop, so you won’t be in danger of your friends having the same thing.

10.Arcade Trun

A gaming junkies heaven, this at-home immersive experience equipped with a PlayStation 3, Sony 3D 55 inch TV and formula one seats plus every accessory you could ever want means you need never leave the house again. Invite friends over to battle it out on your favorite games. A limited edition piece, as only 15 were made, will make this item one of a kind and the perfect way to have a night in with friends.


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